Everyday Warranty

  1. What is a warranty?
    A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer or distributor, promising to repair or replace the item, if necessary, within a specified period of time.
  2. What type of warranty does Standard offer to its customers?
    Standard offers varying types of  warranty programs, which are determined by the class or type of item. For instance, the items that we carry fall under three (3) classifications;

    • Major (1-3 years)
    • Furniture (1 year)
    • Mini appliances & Electronics (3 months – 3 years)
    These warranties are either Manufacturer and or Distributor supported.
  3. Is there an extended warranty option available at Standard?
    Yes, Standard does have an Extended Warranty Program available on selected items. The Platinum Protection Warranty offers an additional two (2) more years of Distributor Coverage on the customers Manufacturer Supported Warranty. In total the customer will have a total of three (3) years warranty coverage.
  4. If I am having a problem with my item, what should I do?
    If you happen to have an issue with an item you have purchased, it is advised that you first consult and review the Owner’s Manual that came with and is supplied by the Manufacturer of your item. Contained in the Owner’s Manual is the Use and Care Tips as well as a very detailed Trouble Shooting Guide. If after following the instructions contained in your Owner’s Manual your issue is not resolved, you should then contact the Service Department.
  5. What is the contact information for the Service Department?
    Standard Service
    Phone: 299-0219 ext (8800)